A Mindset

Originally this started as a reply to the comment but I felt like making it it’s own post.      “The truth that the paedophile community needs to be exploring and promoting is that a child-adult relationship requires its own code of conduct – a form of chivalry – we need an idea of what … More A Mindset

YT Comments #2

So…this is a continuation of the same comment chain. It’s just been continuing…and getting worse. So someone said this: “What about the children that the key…imagine 1000s of kids that eather won’t understand or not consent to these ATTRACTIONS…no police no help for them or there parent this would cause tons of injustice cases and … More YT Comments #2


So I was thinking…people have this ingrained idea of an older individual taking advantage of a younger individual. But how much more susceptible is a person to being manipulated the younger they are? Could a 13-year old be more or less susceptible to manipulation than someone eight years older than them? (I’d say yes.) And … More Manipulation?

[Minor Contradictions] Jobs & Driving (Nov. 2015)

Minor Contradictions Jobs and Driving Because children are thought to be unable to make decisions, they are restricted from doing some things, until their teens. However, this same reasoning keeps them from legally expressing love until years after they can drive or work. How does this make sense? Here’s a hint: It doesn’t. Working and … More [Minor Contradictions] Jobs & Driving (Nov. 2015)

YT Comments #1

I’ve spent a few months away from all the MAP stuff to do some thinking, but I need an outlet so…hi. Welcome to my blog. This will be the first in a series of blogs that I will do that look at YT comments. So…let’s dive right into this crap I guess… There was a … More YT Comments #1